Wagram Protection en Couverture Forbes
WP, 07/31/2018 (Pinned)

Wagram Protection is the first executive protection company in France ever referenced by Forbes magazine. Thomas Rossi, its founder, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Forbes magazine about close protection activities in France: Wagram Protection, top of the range close protection in France.

Wagram Protection-Services Urgences Evacuation
WP, 01/14/2020

Wagram Protection offers emergency and evacuation services and assistance, especially during critical and anxiety-provoking situations, in order to preserve the physical integrity of the person to be protected. We intervene quickly everywhere in France and can relocate in safe havens any person in danger or victim of a malicious act.

Wagram Protection-DAE
WP, 12/11/2019

All of our employees are qualified in emergency care and intervene with advanced first aid equipment including portable AEDs, in order to efficaciously fulfill their roles as first critical links in the rescue chain. More info about our specialized equipment in our next posts.

Wagram Protection-Milipol 2019
WP, 11/17/2019

Wagram Protection will attend Milipol, the leading event for homeland security and safety carried out under the aegis of the French Ministry of Interior in partnership with several governmental institutions. Dedicated to the security professionals, it is the place where the technological innovations realized in the field are presented, in order to answer effectively the needs of the sector and the different current and emerging threats.

Wagram Protection-Pins
WP, 10/28/2019

All our bodyguards, male and female, are bilingual, trained, certified, experienced and multi-disciplined in order to establish and maintain safe working environments in which people to be protected can live and work with confidence. Hiring a bodyguard with Wagram Protection means being in safe hands.

Wagram Protection-3919 Violences Femmes Info
WP, 09/03/2019

3919 – Violences Women Info (France):
National listening number for women victims of violence, their entourage and the concerned professionals. Free anonymous call 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Wagram Protection-Cannes
WP, 08/01/2019

Wagram Protection, executive protection company based in Paris, possesses a strong local and national expertise essential to the success of the close protection missions entrusted to it, and takes action rapidly throughout the French territory, as in Paris, Cannes, Nice , Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Bordeaux and many other large or small towns.

Wagram Protection-Tour Eiffel
WP, 06/30/2019

Wagram Protection is a professional security company specialized in executive protection, surveillance detection, secure transportation and provision of personal protection specialists in France at short notice, notably to ensure the security of international travelers coming from the USA, Russia and China to visit or work in Paris and other French cities.

Wagram Protection-FIF Cannes 2019
WP, 05/20/2019

As every year since its creation, Wagram Protection is present and operates during the International Film Festival in Cannes to ensure, amongst others, the protection of celebrities attending the most popular event in the world celebrating cinema.

Wagram Protection-ASIS Europe 2019
WP, 03/26/2019

Wagram Protection will be attending ASIS Europe 2019 conference in Rotterdam this week. Come and meet us to discuss executive protection, surveillance detection, emergency and travel services in France and internationally.

Wagram Protection-La Défense
WP, 03/04/2019

All Wagram Protection bodyguards are trained, certified, experienced and multi-disciplined in order to establish and maintain safe working environments in which people to be protected can live and work with confidence.

Wagram Protection-Brochure English
WP, 01/12/2019

2019 gets off to a flying start! Download our new online brochure to quickly discover our protection and bodyguard services in France and internationally. Available on our contact page or by a simple request by email.

Wagram Protection-Gilets Jaunes
WP, 12/02/2018

Our local presence, knowledge and expertise provide you with the best security solutions for your needs in France at short notice. With headquarters in Paris, Wagram Protection is an invaluable asset to the success of your French operations. Contact us in French, English or Spanish for more information.

Wagram Protection-APR et Chauffeur
WP, 11/14/2018

Wagram Protection accompanies you everywhere in France and abroad during protection missions that can last from a few days to several months. We provide you with professional executive protection officers specifically recruited for each type of situation and guarantee unmatched quality of service and comfort.

Wagram Protection-Fashion Week Vogue
WP, 10/04/2018

End of the Paris Fashion-Week (Spring/Summer 2019). Many thanks to those who have selected Wagram Protection to ensure their safety and security and congratulations to the executive protection teams which have done an amazing job in an amazing environment!

Wagram Protection-APR Ouvrant Porte
WP, 09/15/2018

Our executive protection services are built around a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment approach based on the principles of ISO 31000 – Risk Management, so each and every aspect of personal security is covered. Contact us for more information on our protocols and procedures.

Wagram Protection-Arc de Triomphe
WP, 07/04/2018

Wagram Protection is a French bodyguard agency based in Paris offering first-rate close protection services throughout France 24/7/365. Contact us by phone or by email to discuss our protection services during summer.

Wagram Protection-FIF Cannes 2018
WP, 05/09/2018

Wagram Protection is in Cannes for the 71st edition of the International Film Festival. Feel free to contact us may you need further information about our bodyguard services in Cannes for your clients, collaborators, family or yourself.

Wagram Protection-Disneyland
WP, 03/22/2018

Our executive protection services are the perfect answer to the needs of our youngest clients wishing to visit extremely busy public places. Wagram Protection ensures the security of your family during your absence or for specific occasions.

Wagram Protection-Haute Couture
WP, 03/07/2018

Wagram Protection is honored to have protected some famous models during the Paris Fashion-Week (Fall/Winter 2018-19) and to have participated in the preservation of their positive notoriety.

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Wagram Protection dans la Presse-Forbes
By France Médias, 07/30/2018

Wagram Protection, top of the range close protection in France.

The bodyguard or close protection officer ensures the safety of politicians, royal families, celebrities or businessmen and women. The private activity of bodyguard concerns exclusively the three last categories of people, the politicians being essentially protected by (read more)

Wagram Protection dans la Presse-20 Minutes
By Mathilde Cousin, 09/20/2018

Two new videos feature Mr. Benalla alongside the French President Emmanuel Macron.

The 20 Minutes newspaper invited Wagram Protection to analyze two new videos showing Mr. Benalla guiding the President of the French Republic during the Summer Music Festival at the Palais de l’Elysée. Bodyguard or event organizer, we tried to determine his exact role (read more)

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Gardes du Corps Festival du Film de Cannes
By Thomas Rossi, 03/31/2018

The 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival (in French: Festival de Cannes) is one of the most popular events celebrating cinema in the world. From the opening ceremony to the awarding of the Palme d’Or and the famous red steps, the entire film industry is (read more)

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